Our Style: Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga

Our goal is to provide small group classes that integrate the fundamental traditional aspects of yoga with a western flair. We provide 2 core styles of yoga; Vinyasa Flow and Restorative. All levels are welcome and encouraged to attend both classes.

Even if you feel you’re not all that flexible or you’ve never taken a class of yoga before, don’t be intimidated. We’re here to guide you. Agility, strength, and flexibility will come with regular yoga practice. The key is to get started and enjoy your unique journey. All movements and poses have easier versions. With our small class sizes our amazing teachers are able to assist, modify and guide you safely in and out of the various asanas.

If group classes aren’t for you, try a private yoga class. For more information, please contact us.


Girl Practicing Yoga in Sum of Us Studio Prahran

How we do it

Vinyasa Yoga can be described as movement linked with breath. It’s a dynamic practice that’s often more playful than other styles and we love it for its ability to lift the heart rate and help students slip into a moving meditation that benefits the body and mind.

At the end of one of these up beat flows, you get to mellow out in a well deserved Savasana (final, reclined-rest pose) which can only be compared to floating on a cloud.

Restorative yoga is a fairly new fusion of two core styles of traditional yoga: Hatha and Yin. Restorative yoga begins with slow breath controlled movements, this is a great way to mindfully get the body warm enough to safely come into a series of passive yoga stretch-holds which are held for anything from 1-5 minutes, the beauty of yin is the ability to observe the release you feel in both mind and body when you truly let go.

When and where

Yoga classes regularly take place in The Loft downstairs. Check the timetable for the latest dates and times.

Meet Our Yoga Instructors

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