Reformer Pilates Classes in Prahran

Our Reformer classes are kept to small number to allow for an intimate and controlled experience. Our style is dynamic, interesting, fun and challenging. Our amazing, highly experienced instructors provide layers to allow you to reach your optimal level, provide a sufficient challenge to every client, and facilitate you to progress, improve and reach higher heights! With only 8 beds, we can keep a close eye on your form so you’ll get the absolute most out of your workout, out of your body and avoid injury.

Pilates at Sum Of Us in Prahran emphasises correct alignment, development of core strength, improvement in balance and coordination, and fine control of the body’s joints.

How we do it

Our amazing instructors lead dynamic classes to an open level on the beautiful Allegro 2 Reformer beds. Our classes hold 8 only, allowing for an intimate experience, attention, adjustments and a special community environment. We have the best instructors offering a challenging level of Pilates, with levels and cues to really strengthening, lengthening, challenge and change your body.

When and where

Reformer Pilates classes regularly take place in The Loft upstairs. Check the timetable for the latest dates and times.


Three Girls Doing Reformer Pilates at Sum Of Us Studio in Prahran

Meet our Reformer Pilates Instructors

The Loft Introductory Offer

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$50 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes including reformer pilates, barre, mat pilates, meditation and yoga.


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