Our Pre and Post Natal classes are guided by physiotherapists and are tailored to your individual needs, goals and desires. The expertise and confidence our physio’s bring, means these classes are most effective for you. We recognise all women and pregnancy’s present individually and are changeable, evolving journey’s. We aim to guide you towords the healthiest and most satisfying pregnancy and recovery and meet each of your needs.
We will push you if you are fit to be pushed, we will stretch you out if you are sore, we will guide and empower you to achieve your optimal outcomes.

We strongly recommend a Prenatal Screen prior to commencing Prenatal Pilates, and require a Postnatal screen prior to commencing Postnatal Pilates.
These a brief consultations with our team of women’s physio’s to guide you into the most suitable pathway for your individual needs.

*These classes can be claimed using your private health rebate, code p505

Wanting to learn more about your pregnancy??
We offer quarterly pre-natal education sessions designed to compliment our pre-natal pilates classes for those embarking on their pregnancy journey. We believe education and knowledge is one of the greatest tools to empower ones-self in ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

These 2 hour sessions will include an overview of common musculoskeletal pain and complications, exercising during pregnancy, minimising abdominal separation and pelvic floor disfunction, and the role of pre-natal pilates in minimising musculoskeletal pain and complications, optimising labour, and assisting in a timely post-natal recovery.

Meet our Pre-natal Physiotherapists