While focusing on your individual health goals, the aim is to address the underlying cause, provide symptomatic relief when needed and make your health journey one that is exclusive to you to provide long lasting results.

Naturopathy focuses on a patient-centred treatment plan to restore the health and vitality of each and every patient. By utilising the best evidence-based and traditional herbal and nutritional medicine alongside dietary and lifestyle techniques naturopathy is a complete system that focuses on empowering, educating and supporting each patient to optimal health.

Naturopathy can assist in stress management, pain management, mood, mental health concerns,
anxiety, immune system restoration, inflammation, digestive issues, female reproductive, male
health, cardiovascular & metabolic health and much more.

Alex will be practicing at the Sum of Us Studio on Saturdays 9am – 2pm To make a booking please call 9510 6311 or book online via MindBody.

To find out more please visit behealthstudio.com.au or email Alex directly alex@behealthstudio.com.au

Initial appointment:

This appointment is for all new clients to Be. Health Studio. The appointment is 60-minutes which gives us plenty of time to delve deep into your health story, connect the dots and make a plan that suits your own health goals. Following on from this appointment (usually the following week) we will go through your individualised detailed health plan.

Follow up:

The is our standard appointment which follows on from your initial appointment. It goes for 30- minutes and provides plenty of time to work through your individual treatment plan, to bring up any new health concerns and to check in any time you are needing some health advice.

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