John Charles


John graduated with honours in Podiatry from the University in Southampton, and has since worked in both public and private practice. Additionally, he has completed additional training in dry needling and sports massage, and regularly employs these therapies in his podiatry practice. He has extensive experience in video gait analysis, fitting of athletic footwear, and prescribing orthotics and insoles.

He has a huge passion for running and how it can help your physical and mental health. He uses his skills and knowledge as a Podiatrist to help others improve their lower limb health and achieve their running and physical health goals. John loves working with clients to get them moving pain-free and also use a range of technology in his practice such as insoles to measure your foot pressures!

Personally his biggest achievements have been completing 3 marathons (Melbourne twice and London) and finishing the Ironman Australia Triathlon in 2019. John loves nothing more than running alongside the Yarra or riding down Beach Road and can often be seen out and about training at the weekend.

3 fun facts about John:

  • He appeared on Millionaire Hot Seat in 2016 but sadly didn’t win the jackpot.
  • He use to work for the London Marathon running shop and has helped a number of celebrities with their running gear including Gordon Ramsey and Ricky Gervais.
  • He has two cats, Fenix and Bernard and loves to paint pictures of them.