Janelle Anderson

Yoga and Meditation teacher

Happy-go-lucky is probably the best way to describe Janelle. She’s a relaxed, free spirited person who believes that pretty much all aliments can be solved with a deep breath in and out

Try it now…

Inhale deeply

Exhale fully

Ah, feel better already!
Janelle is one of the Yoga and Meditation teachers at Sum of Us. You’ll also find her in clinic treating muscle dysfunctions and massaging out pesky knots and tight spots. She’s a remedial therapist of 7 years and a recently graduated Myotherapist. Janelle loves offering all the feel-good-things and having a positive impact on someone’s day is just the most rewarding feeling.

3 fun facts about Janelle:

  • She’s a big marvel nerd.
  • She caught Ushers shirt at one of his concerts and still has it to this day.
  • She loves honey so much!!! She thinks she watched too much whinny the poo as a kid. It’s seriously her favourite thing to have on everything.