Tess Coniglio

Pilates Teacher

Tess finds purpose in facilitating joyful and empowering movement, whatever that means to you. She wants you to finish feeling better then when you started. Tess promotes fearless movement and curiosity to challenge the mind and body, giving you the opportunity to give anything a try. She brings a down-to-earth and personable approach to her classes exploring laughter and play, always striving to make her clients feel joy, welcomed and supported. Tess fell in love with how pilates supports her mental and physical well being, embracing that anybody can be a pilates body. Tess is interested in how movement feels, not how it looks.

3 fun facts about Tess:

  • Tess is part french, part italian, part vietnamese. A fun cocktail.
  • Tess competed in fencing when she was younger, winning state champion in QLD.
  • She lived in Thailand for 12 months and went to international school.