We’ve all heard and seen the ads normalising “light bladder leakage” or “LBL”, and if we’re really, truly honest with ourselves, many of us have experienced this as well!

Have you ever sneezed, coughed, laughed, or lifted something heavy and experienced a light leakage, followed by the discomfort of slightly damp underwear after? Would you never leave the house without wearing a panty-liner for fear of this?

Well, let me assure you, while this is very COMMON, we should not classify this as NORMAL.

This can happen to any woman, at any age, whether they be young, pregnant, post-partum, middle aged, or post-menopausal – you are not alone!

While you may find it slightly embarrassing, and not a topic of conversation that comes up frequently during coffee-chat with your girlfriends, statistics tell us that up to 50% of women experience this “light bladder leakage” or more accurately termed as “stress urinary incontinence”.

This is commonly caused when a “stress” or pressure on your bladder, usually caused by an increase in your intra-abdominal cavity (ie, on a cough, or jump), exceeds your pelvic floor muscle’s strength, or ability to maintain closure of your urethra, resulting in a leaking of urine.

THE GOOD NEWS is HERE. You don’t need to be resigned to simply wearing liners, and putting up with that uncomfortable damp feeling, but we can actually PREVENT the leaking from happening in the first place, with specific, targeted PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLE TRAINING.

Did you know our Physio, Liv Hosken, specialises in Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy? She can help you to reduce and ultimately CURE YOU of your Pelvic Floor and Bladder symptoms for good! We want to help reduce the number of women suffering in silence, and to empower ALL WOMEN to take control of their pelvic health.