Surprising roles of oestrogen

I am sure you have all heard of oestrogen, being one of the most active female sex hormones. But did you know these other surprising roles Oestrogen plays in our bodies?


Oestrogen has been found to play an important role in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for cognition and memory. Research has found that Oestrogen is involved in the communication processes to aid in longer lasting memory development. It is even used to enhance male memory – testosterone being converted to oestrogen for this purpose!

It has been shown that memory deficits are linked to a decline in Oestrogen. But it can’t do it alone! Although Oestrogen can increase neuronal communications which in turn can improve our memory – these connections will remain silent unless they’re being used! Active learning strengthens these connections, so just by reading articles like this you are doing your brain a favour!


The way in which Oestrogen affects bone density is complex – but in a nut shell the hormone can inhibit bone breakdown. Oestrogen binds to receptors in bone cells to inhibit bone breakdown as we age. When our Oestrogen levels drop (for example during menopause or amenorrhea) our bone density can also dramatically drop – leaving us susceptible to osteoporosis and fractures!


Wouldn’t we all love to avoid developing wrinkles and fine lines as we age? Supporting healthy hormones and managing your oestrogen levels may be key! Research has found that decreases in oestrogen levels can reduce the elasticity of your tissues such as skin, tendons, gums and ligaments!


Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in postmenopausal women? Oestrogen plays a wide and varied role in your cardiovascular health, from preventing plaque rupture, improving dilation of your blood vessels and reducing cholesterol. Oestrogen is also needed to regulate your heart rhythm, which is why heart palpitations and flutters are a common symptom in post menopausal women.

In summary, there are no ‘bad hormones’ – they all have their place!
We must just ensure our hormones are operating in balance with each other and are functioning optimally for our current life stage!

Imbalances can occur for many and varied reasons, from poor oestrogen metabolism and excretion, to environmental hormone disruptors, obesity, inflammation, insulin resistance and stress!

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