We sat down with our dietitian, Liv, to chat all things nutrition and her approach to weight loss and weight management with her clients. This is what she had to say…

“I believe the most fundamental part of my job is to empower my clients with knowledge. I’ll never just tell them to do something without explaining the background. When you understand why something works or why it’s important for you to do, and it makes logical sense, you’ll be more motivated to do it and stick to it. That’s how I create sustainable dietary changes.”

So we’ve all know we should be drinking more water… but do we even know WHY this is so important, particularly when it comes to weight loss and weight management? Here Liv breaks down the ‘why’ behind nutrition and hydration…and why this is often the make or break in smashing your weight loss goals on a physiological level.

“Ever have those days when you just can’t stop eating and nothing satisfies you?
Does it happen more and more in the colder months?
Are you someone who craves salty or sugary snacks towards the end of the day?


We all know we need to drink enough water for our health, however what you mightn’t know, is that adequate hydration is also extremely important for weight loss and weight maintenance as it plays a large role in SATIETY.

One of the first signs of dehydration is actually ‘hunger’, not ‘thirst’ as we think! If you’re not drinking enough, you’re likely to overeat & feel less satisfied from food.

Your body is smart, IF you chose to listen to it. It’ll tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t. If you’re eating in response to your ‘thirst’ cue and mistaking it for hunger, your brain will eventually outsmart you.

You’ll begin to crave or subconsciously choose something that will then make you drink water… hello 3pm salt & vinegar chips and chocolate cravings!

So before reaching for another handful of salted cashews, look at your water bottle to make sure you’re drinking enough good old H2O first.”

Dietitian & Nutritionist, Liv Morrison, consults from Sum of Us Studio Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Book in with her to discover why her clients get the best results.